Cutting ice with a heat strip

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An electrician will be able to safely hardwire the heat tape into an electrical circuit and also install it correctly around a pipe. It can be run on a wider range of voltages: But the makers of your heat pump knew this freezing would happen. But despite the similarity in names, there is a difference! Every 90 minutes or so, your heat pump should kick into defrost mode to melt the ice and keep your heat pump running efficiently.

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Both types of heat tape can be wired to plug into a wall outlet, but you may want to have them hardwired directly into an electrical circuit if there is a risk they may accidentally get unplugged.

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Heat Tape versus Heating Cable:

Posted in Heating. Why does this happen? Heating cable can also be cut to length and terminated with electrical connections, and in fact we sell it by the foot. This will keep your pipes protected and help ensure they maintain the right temperature the whole season through. Find at another store. University of Alaska Museum of the North.

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cutting ice with a heat strip
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cutting ice with a heat strip
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