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Based on the studies conducted it can be stated that for the majority of the study subjects masturbation has a developmental nature and constitutes an integral and natural phase of sexual development. He also suggested he be sent for observation. Human development in the full life cycle. All the pictures on the charts were schematic and simplified in form. Knowledge on Contraception As regards knowledge on contraception, the tested group could score high when named 3 contraceptions methods, average with two and low when no contraception methods were named. The present work presents only the results obtained from parts I and II of the interview questionnaire i.

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The presented study results are illustrated with several selected sentences in their original wording, expressed by the people under study.

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Whether and with what frequency are masturbation activities taken up? She left school last year. Knowledge on Insemination It was found that the tested group could achieve high level of knowledge on physiology of insemination if they could respond to 3 asked questions whether a woman can become pregnant through kissing, hugging or touching with a man with their clothes on as well as to explain correctly how the process of insemination takes place. The main stimuli of taking such decision are: To illustrate the above, one may quote a few chosen comments made by the sample group of people with HDID. Low score reflecting very little knowledge on physiology of pregnancy was obtained when the tested people had no idea of pregnancy and could not respond whether it takes long or short time for an inseminated egg to develop into a human being. It should be emphasized that the results achieved during the research work with youths with a higher degree of ID were later discussed with their teachers in charge and teachers who had direct contact with them.

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