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In others it's not, but he still cries out. Maria Lapiendra ripped clothes on TV show. In one episode some villains throw him into a furnace and lock him in; once they're gone he emerges, clearly without clothes. All the other characters got the injection in their neck, but Kirk can't be forced to end an episode with his shirt intact! He mugs Fang, his counterpart on the Guard, for his costume off-panel, mainly for the benefit of his fellow X-Men not having to see him fight in the buff. Canada's Worst Driver had a variation with Lance:

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Attack of the Clones.

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Female characters often tend to fall victim to this, converting their usual costumes into something more Stripperiffic. A male action hero might instead simply lose their shirt altogether for a Shirtless Scenethough lately the Female Gaze element has increased. When the fight is over, both of the girls' clothing are very ripped, but none of it is very revealing, and it is QUITE clear that the girls are in all kinds of pain. In a first-season episode, Rogue confronts Apocalypse. Danielle, the less experienced Witchblade bearer, on the other hand

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women clothes pulled off
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