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In turn, she knew it would strengthen the connection between them. Her whole body was on fire. Her voice in his head added to the sensation. He then formed circles around the breasts even closer to her nipples, occasionally, brushing them as if by accident. A strange growling sound came out of his mouth, muffled because he held her tight.

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Jessie was delirious with pleasure.

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In the filtered light of the nightstand lamp, she saw he was talking on his cell, staring at the overcast sky, and in the last stages of dressing. She screamed with pleasure. Except he was still embedded between her legs. Mastyr Vampire Jude has kept his distance from all women because he lost his wife and daughter to an enemy attack a hundred years ago. Finally, he moved vampire fast, a rapid pulse that took her the rest of the way.

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erotic sensual exceprts
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erotic sensual exceprts
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