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Gromet's Plaza Giantess Stories. He was still moving in and out a minute later, taking some time to recover from the intense orgasm. When she touched the back of the pendant, suddenly a bright, white light was emitted from the front; the light beam grew larger until it engulfed a tree in front of her. At that I realized what a mistake I had made. A few minutes past five, Jeff burst into the house, mumbling obscenities, and then pounded his way into the kitchen.

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Jeff fell into the warm, soft hill; at least now, the force of gravity was completely with him, so he would not as easily fall off.

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Lisa the Giantess Wife

Amy followed their motions, causing her breasts to wobble slightly; she continued to do this for a few minutes, and the only thing Jeff could do was hold on. Lisa jumped up from the sofa and finished her drink quickly. Through the dim light that was permitted to pass through the shirt, and the light that was emanating from her neckline, he could see her massive breasts jiggle, and could feel himself moving, as she took each step. Lisa felt warm inside. She felt the sharp pain on her cheek as Jeff slapped her in the face. Maybe I should try something more active. Lisa shivered as her husband was pushed up close against her nether regions.

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giantess wife in kitchen
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giantess wife in kitchen
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