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I think the body is the same size. I think it was because her clothes were all bought at Goodwill and not at Victorias Secrets. Blonde Barbie Squirts Buckets. Real life Barbie fucking herself. I also cut more spokes going out, sometimes it was easier to cut or break the spokes with a knife, due to interference of the supports.

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I think you'll need to plan on widening her out so you can get the can in. Blonde slut Barbie White is getting her pussy fucked. With Abby I had to drill holes in the top of her "can" for vent, otherwise the pressure in the sleeve would prevent me from getting in. PVC pipe of that dia will be thicker than the factory case though. I took a look, good stuff, you gave her a pussy and an ass. I used my new hacksaw blade to disarticulate her legs. Barbie White and Antonia W enjoying hot sex.

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  1. I mean, the video was amazing... but now, I'm just realizing... why do Japanese girls in these videos act so astonished by a creampie? XD