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Some collectors prefer a figure that is more realistic in appearance, while others prefer the more traditional styles that are intrinsic to Zuni belief. The Zuni hunter, or "Prey brother," was required to have his fetishes prey gods of the hunt with a "Keeper" and practice a ceremony of worship when procuring a favorite or proper fetish to aid in a successful hunt. The Cedar also has a great aroma. A sleek, jet black mountain lion or black panther with it's tail held over it's back in the traditional position--a black beauty! In recent years Zuni carvings, or fetisheshave become popular collectibles and Zuni artisans have familiarized themselves with materials available from all parts of the world in order to serve the aesthetic tastes of collectors. A streamlined, basically black, gorgeous mole with a central heartline--an exquisite carving!

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Zuni fetishes

A gorgeous loving jet black mother frog with 3 rainbow color baby tadpoles riding on it's back--a beauty with bright turquoise blue eyes! Personalization by signing a piece of art traditionally violates the Zuni notion of community purpose, and the signing of artwork is a concept introduced to the Zuni by Anglo collectors at the beginning of the twentieth century c. The Navajo, for example, treasured and bartered for figures of horses, sheep, cattle or goats to protect their herd from disease and to ensure fertility Cushing,Bahti's Introduction. Each one of these regions contains an order of all the guardian animals, but the "guardian and master" of a particular region is the elder brother to all animals of that region. A blonde golden copal amber wolf with a full tail and bright turquoise blue eyes--a golden beauty!

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