Alcohol consumption and sperm count

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This suggests even modest habitual alcohol consumption of more than five units a week can negatively affect semen quality. The number of overweight and obese men in Australia is rapidly rising. Official guidance The Chief Medical Officers' alcohol unit guidelines does not have specific advice on the effects of alcohol on fertility. Men For men, heavy drinking can cause impotence, reduce their sex drive libido and their sexual performance and affect the quality of their sperm. Drinking alcohol, even in moderation, can make it more difficult to conceive. Animal studies have shown a single dose of ethanol into the stomach lining equivalent to a human binge drinking induces damage to the testis, damaging the cells essential for sperm formation. This can subsequently alter the molecular makeup of the early embryo, leading to alterations in foetal development and the potential to impair offspring health.

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Fathers missing in research about kids A recent review of studies and meta-analysis of population data replicated many of these findings.

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How Does Alcohol Affect Male Fertility?

And about a third of males said they exceeded the guideline not to drink more than five standard drinks on a single occasion on a monthly basis. Is alcohol harming your fertility? Also, drinking heavily, even if there is no damage to the liver, may damage the function of the testicles. Having regular sex also helps! Reprod Biol Endocrinol, 11 66

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alcohol consumption and sperm count
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alcohol consumption and sperm count
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