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A sexually mature male who likes to proposition girls is hanging out in the girls bathroom, let me send a girl in so I can give him detention. Sorry if I'm being slow, but still not sure if she was actually assaulted here. Well you best step it up, she's like 76 years old now. Ole's son came home from school one day and said, "Hey dad, me and the other boys in the third grade were comparing dicks in the locker room after PE today and I have the biggest one! Log in or Sign up. Everything is so PC that you have to de-code the story to get what actually happened instead of them just coming out and saying "16yo dipshit rapes 14yo retard, execution noon tomorrow. She loved it the attention, daddy issues stage 4.

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I don't even know what to say about what they actually did.

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I read a different article about this, and it seems that it was indeed rape, and a violent rape at that. Sounds like a bunch of slut shamers here. I don't see anything that could go wrong. I hope this was not rape. TheHigherPowerMay 20, Yet, I see no mention of a criminal investigation.

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boy and girl in bathroom fukking
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boy and girl in bathroom fukking
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