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Warcrafta recap part 1. December movie predictions. On the other hand, why in the world is Stiles in charge of this game? Stiles insists Louis drive the convertible, you know the one with the keg of beer! And when his new-found powers help him score at basketball — and with the popular girls — he has some pretty hairy decisions to make. Just from pop culture osmosis, I knew that this inspired the Cursed wrestling scene, which I love. Stiles is greatly disappointed.

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I am not unfamiliar to this film, or its sequel, Teen Wolf, Too.

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Dude, give it up. Innocent until proven guilty? Post a comment Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Coach Finstock comes by to give the guys a peptalk: Maybe if Jeph Loeb and Matthew Weisman had more time for re-writes, Teen Wolf could have been a much better movie, but as it is, it just sucks. Stop trying to poke at and understand the unwritten plot fundamentals, Bat. Scott proceeds to take the cash from Stiles, throws the water gun into the van, and heads into the store to try and buy the keg.

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