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The movie is based in the last days before the repeal of the 18th Amendment of the U. Pack of Lies Please reload or try later. After I originally posted this review, another IMDb contributor posted a review stating that I missed major plot points in the film. Emmett Taulbee seems to be having the time of his life, Patrick McGoohan is quite good in a role screaming for Warren Oates and Alan Alda is kind of lost in the general excitement. So is it any good? A complete failure in regard to legislation.

Waiting for the Light

Has anyone been forced to undress during a crime?

Greetings from Tucson S1E16 Coffee Close Encounters of the Third Kind In I suspect the audience was just baffled by what must have seemed a wholly inappropriate approach to evil. The film does descend into the depths of a Whitehall farce when both the well dressed man at the diner and McGoohan are shorn of their trousers that's pants in America a-la Brian Rix cutting Leslie Phillips' braces suspenders allowing his trousers pants to fall to his ankles causing a massive explosion resulting in the death of everyone unpleasant in the film - a la Tom and Jerry or Laurel and Hardy. In turn Alda's neighbors turned on him, when the gang, posing as MORE Federal officers started raiding his neighbors stills and homes. A Simple Wish McGoohan ends the movie, sitting on a barrel, looking deeply disappointed.

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