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Black garters, leather skirts, Cuban-heeled stockings, and some well-placed electrical tape. Maybe it was the voyeur in me that agreed when the idea was sent my way, but the apparently feminist undertones of the company hosting it solidified my decision. He was pretty much horrified by the idea that I might be attracted to other women just for my own sake and not for his gratification, and the idea that if I ever wanted to experiment with that which I did then he would lose me. Definitely some bi-erasure and fear happening. So there are ways of doing sexual experimentation and curiosity in an honest and open way, and there are ways of doing it that are hurtful. We were the only couple in the room save for two women making out in the entrance, perhaps hoping someone would trip over them and decide to stay.

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Instead we learn that some of them want girlfriends as well as boyfriends, some of them want an additional partner for a threesome, some are curious.

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What I Learned As A Straight Woman At An All-Female Sex Party

No matter their intentions for the evening, woman after woman came up to Chloe and I to say: Culturally, lesbians are often devalued, slighted, invalidated in the presence of men and male desire is validated, publicized, privileged. I only found autostraddle 3 weeks ago. It was the worst. This article genuinely made me feel like a bad person.

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all wemon sex partys
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