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Percy Femur, the large, threatening, and talented basketball player who scares even Roger is a straighter example. The tribal mentality dilutes the responsibility of one's behaviour and manners, and even at some instances encourages uppity and obnoxious behaviour. He only participates in the stereotypical behavior of beating up a nerd because he's pressured by his father. It is revealed later that he's actually gay and likes Jessie, he just was overcompensating by acting macho so that no one else would find out. He is essentially an Expy of Flash Thompsonand so he constantly wants to beat Rick up. Conversely, several one-time and bit characters fit the trope fully, including Matt Moore, the star quarterback who — when dating an unpopular girl named Susan Smith — abused her; and a star running back whom Bull kicked off the team ironically, for bullying

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Although to be fair, Toad had just stolen their wallets.

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Chris's boyfriend Chet from Dead Poets Society. Averted and played straight in King of the Hill. The Miz 's protege Alex Riley. In one episode a Jerk Jock graduate appears and is killed by the very goal post being put up in his honor. Late in their high school years, they became friends. He becomes horrified to the point where he stabs himself, most likely to prevent his tormentor from taking it into rape territory.

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