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How Snake Handlers Work. Identification of chemoattractant receptors and G-proteins in the vomeronasal system of garter snakes. At the other extreme, males are considerably larger than females in rattlesnakes, kingsnakes, king cobras, and some of the ratsnakes. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. The pheromone-induced current was activated with a latency of 5.

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None of the female VN organ sensory neurons responded to the pheromone, whereas three of 11 responded to ESS with induced inward current.

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How Snakes Work

Under current-clamp condition, application of pheromone produced a depolarizing membrane potential leading to increased number of action potentials in response to a current pulse of 2 pA. Off-line analysis was performed using Clampfit 9. Snakes are not easily harmed or physically damaged by this sexing procedure, but it is necessary to be gentle and use judicious force. In most snake species a probe can be introduced into these pockets only a very short distance, usually only the distance of subcaudal scales into the base of the tail. Perhaps the easiest and most certain way to accomplish safe restraint "safe" meaning "safe for all parties" is by placing the anterior three-fourths of the snake in an appropriate-diameter clear-plastic restraining tube. Usually this does not affect the outcome, but in some cases and some species, the determination made by a small probe is uncertain, as a small probe may pass relatively deep into the hemipenial homologs of a female. In four of 21 cells recorded from 12 male snakes, the time course of the rising phase of the responses at different voltages did not change.

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