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He was actually an opera singer but he had an incredible soul voice. Even through the darkest phase Be it thick or thin Always someone marches brave Here beneath my skin. We were also in a punk band together. But years before that, she released "Heaven," an ode to flirtation with another girl in the club. Your mouth waters stretched out on my bed your fingers are trembling and your heart is heavy and red and your head is bent back and your back is arched my hand is under there holding you up.

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Though songs like Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" give a wink and a nod to sexuality between women, the truth is that some girls want to do a whole lot more than just kiss.

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I think it comes through in our songs, because the new record especially is really all over the place. Have you guys ever been on a label? I would just stand there and sing the choruses and it was boring laughs. My entire family literally are professional classical musicians. I just want to bring some joy, love and goodness back into the industry and I think that we can - I am determined. If I was your girl, believe me I'd turn on the Rolling Stones We could groove along and feel much better guess what Come, let me in, mm I could do it forever and ever and ever and ever. Yeah, it's about domestic bliss, but it's also about the urge to touch your partner's body right now.

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god des and she lick it video
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god des and she lick it video
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