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Now THAT is how ashen hair should look! Bard's Tale IV only has about 6 enemy archetypes: Oct 12, Stats Ignoring. The fact that Geralt seems to be way too chill about is another issue Once again, the problem is not the system per se, it's the "quantity over quality" mindset that's operating it. The dialogue doesn't reflect that properly. Once you have passed the moderation period think of it as a testyou will be able to post normally, just like all the other retards.

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Sorry, can't get past this "taking advantage of Geralt's amnesia" thing.

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And so do you! Want to add to the discussion? Funny x 5 nice x 1 Edgy x 1. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Feb 16, Parrots: Reading I Love Her More story right now

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