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There are some drawbacks, however. Before Matt, I had had period sex, but it was not positive. Sudden high fever Nausea and vomiting Diarrhea Generalized aches and pains Dizziness and feeling faint especially when rising from a lying or sitting position Headache. The first time we were sleeping in the same bed while I had my period, he started to initiate sex, and I told him it was my time of the month. There's just a different energy there.

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By Amanda MacMillan February 23,

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14 Men and Women Get Very, Very Real About Period Sex

If you are not a teenager or older than 40 and your cycles are shorter or longer than 21 to 36 days, this could indicate an underlying issue. It was a fantasy he had always had. What your flow is like during the day and at night How your flow changes from the beginning through to the end of your period How familiar and comfortable you are with your sexual organs Which products you think you would be most comfortable using What is convenient for your lifestyle. We asked our readers -- both women and men -- how they feel about period sex and how those feelings play out in their sex lives. Find out what works for you, and then keep a supply on-hand — at home as well as in a purse or bag that you take with you regularly.

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girls periods sexy images
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