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While the argument could be made that the cameras should have given James some space, many are wondering if James needed to enthusiastically adjust his pants with a camera in his face. It's one of those blink-and-you-miss-it public exposures, but many people online are very sure and weirdly excited that he did, in fact, flash his junk. I am ok with seeing female mammary glands, labia, vagina, etc, over broadcast but no more penis, please! And this wasn't the only run-in with a courtside camera James suffered on Thursday. Submit your stories, pictures and videos to us now via WhatsApp: This latest incident comes not weeks after NPBA director Michele Roberts critcized what she considered an excessive media presence in NBA locker rooms, claiming that there are many reporters "just standing there, just staring at" players.

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NSFW! LeBron James Accidentally Flashes Viewers During NBA Finals

Right before the game started, cameras caught the year-old Cavaliers star tucking his undershirt into his underwear and, for a split second, it appears that he accidentally exposed himself. When asked if the FCC ever launched an investigation into the penis, the org. Some might say this could be karmic justice for the way James ignored Jimmy Kimmel "correspondent" Guillermo, when he went to interview players before the Finals started earlier this week. James isn't the only star to accidentally show more skin than expected recently. Pulse NG is Nigeria's new media network. A night later, team officials removed two media members in plain view taking pictures of towel-clad LeBron speaking at his stall, according to Cleveland. LeBron James is used to being in the public eye, but one media member reportedly got a little bit too close for comfort over the weekend.

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lebron james nude ad
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