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They then turned to Freddie's cock and both started licking Freddie's cock, cleaning up all of the cum from there and squeezing out all of the remaining sperm. He was spending the whole time trying to figure out how he can manage to slip his arm around Carly's shoulder, and maybe even get a kiss from her! Carly then moved her mouth down to Sam's neck, and started planting kisses everywhere she could find room. Nadia gets fucked nice from behind. I've shot my load to her many times. Sam then put her hands behind her back, unclasped her bra, and pulled it off, uncovering her beautiful, round, and slightly large breasts.

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Freddie reluctantly walked into his room, grumbling.

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iCarly - Jennette McCurdy aka Sam Puckett Rides My Cock

Carly and Freddie kissed and made out passionately, until Carly showed Freddie a familiar object in a small plastic bag: Spencer kissed Carly good-bye and went out the door. Meanwhile, Carly returned to her apartment. Pleasing darling is getting fucking from 2 males. I want your whole cock inside me, and I want you to be fucking me with all your might. And at that exact moment, Carly and Sam were pleasuring each other in clear view of the downstairs camera.

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naked icarly being fucked
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