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Yeah, bunch of insecure students thinking being naked in front of a gay person means they'll want them. So, what religion are you, hippugeek? And, interestingly enough, you've all clearly proven what I've said. So when I did come out, it was because I was tired of my male friends asking if I thought such and such a girl was hot, and tired of my parents asking me why I didn't have a girlfriend. Is she some kind of sex maniac who's likely to jump the nearest girl at the first sight of naked flesh and unless girls' change rooms have changed a lot since I was in school, you don't see much, teenaged girls are masters of the art of changing-without-exposing?

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That is, you change your clothes with the people you not they are least sexually attracted to.

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I'm not interested in your sexuality or anyone elses, for that matter It's not even just the locker room issue that makes this so offensive, but the nature of how it came about. The opinions in your post were valid, but that shit really grins my geara. Zee beautiful blonde Young lesbians having joy in locker room. Actually, I graduated from high school 12 years ago so we're not that far off.

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girls in changeroom lesbian
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girls in changeroom lesbian
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