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She was a beautiful fire-cracker of a woman just turning 30, I was 24 turning 25 just a few days after her turning I told her that if she put the shot in her stomach and laid on the bar I would take it. I was pounding hard and she was asking me if I had slept with her daughter. We finished discussing what she would need from me in the coming days and we departed. Two of the people in the regular group of guys I get gangbanged by are the CEO and MD of a housing investment company. We finished the project at 10pm, I gave him a light hug and purposely lie down on his lap and pretending to sleep. I made a point to bend over his desk a lot, exposing my cleavage.

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I made sure to go early.

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I put my middle and ring finger into my mouth a gently sled them into her vagina middle finger first while licking and sucking on her clit. I brought him a drink and wished him a good Christmas in front of a group of our coworkers. Fucking the Boss Wife. One time it was 8pm and we have a very urgent project to cover. A few years ago, I had to leave my previous job due to a scandal issue.

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