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If you wear PJs, you may be likelier to lounge around the house. In a bunch of films and other entertainment, when characters find themselves in a cold place with no heating but must sleep, they conclude that to stay warm, they should sleep as close to each other as possible —and naked. Posted by Alexandra Zatarain. Being cooler during sleep helps create and activate something known as brown fat. Skin-to-skin contact increases oxytocin in your brain, which even if it doesn't always lead to a romp sesh, helps increase romantic intimacy. Skipping underwear, or even pajama bottoms, leads to a healthier body. Not, like, right now though.

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Even the guys out there benefit.

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Strip down: Sleeping naked is good for your relationship, survey says

Cooler sleep means better sleep, and better sleep means less cortisol. All it takes is taking it all off. A survey by Cotton USA of 1, British people asked couples what they wear to bed and how happy they were in their relationship. The study also looked at general sleeping habits and relationships. Mattress Advisor weighs in on the sleeping naked debate with research from the experts Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. The general bedclothes advice is to go for loose, light, and not a lot—think a nightgown, or tank top and shorts. It's definitely not warmer to sleep naked in a sleeping bagbut that's just 1 person.

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sleeping together in nude
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sleeping together in nude
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