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The first three all played in the s: The Tigers won the game Veeck had hoped that Delsing would go on to score in a one-run Browns victory, but he ended up stranded at third base and the Tigers went on to win the game 6—2. Two of his children, Peter and Ellen, were from his first marriage, and the others Mike, Marya, Greg, Lisa, Julie and Chris were from his second marriage. One game, no at-bats, one base on balls. I was rather anxious to find out what I was going to do, too. The day after the Hall-of-Fame inductions, the old-timers were spinning through baseball history with previously unpublished tales.

Naturally, they pressed me for details.


Posted on February 24, by launiusr. Louis, and smuggled into the Chase hotel, wrapped in a blanket. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And yet, Eddie Gaedel's lone major league appearance, while the most famous of Veeck's stunts, may not even have been his most bizarre. Not his desperation, ours. Finley was also in the forefront of opening MLB to Latino players and helped to expand the game beyond its traditional base.

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