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Billy's Reward Billy works hard! It wasn't long before he came over again. A lightning bolt of pleasure jolted through my body, I was in heaven. Morning Moans 07 Get comfortable and cum hard with me. One day in school a group of guys were talking about having "wet dreams. Summer of '88 Pt. Walker on the Shore Unexpectedly coming across a copulating couple on a beach.

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Seduced by My Roommate My roommate Rob gives me a new experience!

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Guy breathed in hard and pulled his underpants down, I now took hold of his cock, it was warm and smooth and rock hard. He pulled his pants and boxers down and revealed a 3 inch, hairless uncircumcised cock. I brought my lips to his passionately kissing him. I'd brought myself to orgasm several times since the previous week but as I walked the few streets to his house I could feel myself stiffening. Another boy had just willingly touched my boy member. While they slept I quietly masturbated them, till they stirred or I couldn't take it anymore and just finished myself off and make huge cum puddles next to their sleeping bodies. When I was 14, I had a friend named John, who was a year younger than me, and I went to his house as many weekends I could and sleep over at his place.

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first mutual masturbation stories
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first mutual masturbation stories
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