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The the tension in the air was instant as I stood there, dumbly gawking at my naked daughter. Instantly all of my rage melted out of me. For us to touch each other in the car? When she poked her head in earlier she must've been making sure I was asleep so she could play with my hosiery. I was standing there in my living room when I felt my sons warm hands wrap around me.

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The only way this could get better I thought, was for her to touch herself there and she finally was.

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The mother-daughter tease

I had no time to dawdle though, as a full-time mother of one teenage daughter I still had to get dinner served before I took her to cheerleading practice and then grade what felt like a metric-ton of papers tonight. Our trembling hands ventured out to our desires. Our bedrooms are down the upstairs hall from each other, and I noticed one night that she had left her door partly ajar. Can't wait to readmore of their little secrets. At nine years old, we too had a talk about secrets and I made him understand.

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motherdaughter mutual masturbation stories
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motherdaughter mutual masturbation stories
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