Thick gorls on sportbikes

What probably stands out to viewers the most is the two fenders on the back wheels, as per Motoress. That's not to say they all are, or that it's always been that way. As much as these types of motorcycles appeal to leather-wearing Harley die-hards, the hippies love them too. Some even let you take off the windshield for shorter rides, as Motoress reports. It's easy to spot a Kawasaki Ninja off the streets.

Then, in the s, Indian officially unveiled actual motorcycles to the world.

But we have to admit, it's the older classic models that look the best. They also make for great seat cushions, as this photo proves. She's also believed to have been a stunt rider during her time. Like Yamaha itself, we expect this bike to last for many miles on the road. Over time, the motorized bike got a number of additions.

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